toothacheI didn’t write anything last week. Now, I actually had a reason, quite a good one really. I was in agony with a tooth infection. Eventually, after ten days of a heavy dose of antibiotics the infection abated and on Monday the tooth was taken out. Not, I hasten to add, without a great deal of discomfort and of course, injections of painkillers. This got me to pondering as life has a habit of doing…about sin. The Bible says if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out or if your hand causes you to sin take it off. Better to live life without your hand or eye than to live…you get what Im talking about. But to carry on with my musings I was thinking what life would be like indeed if our sin caused us actual pain like it causes God pain. Like my tooth caused me pain and had to be removed. Me thinks that perhaps our approach to life would be totally changed if we felt a physical consequence of our sin. And yet we disregard the fact that Jesus did indeed suffer a physical result, a physical price for our sin…oh how little we think about the physical aspect of salvation..  YES its free BUT it cost a lot. So if your eye does cause your to sin perhaps think about what your watching or reading. And if you hand causes you to sin perhaps choose other activities to occupy your time…Just a thought…..