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Classic_GeocacheI have been pondering lately about God’s treasures hidden deep in the Bible.  And a thought struck me…. the pastor of our home Church is a great one for geocaching as are some of my other friends from around the world.  They love the excitement of seeking out things while at the same time enjoy clean air and healthy exercise But how many people enjoy Theocaching???  Seeking out the hidden treasures of God while at the same time enjoying healthy spiritual air and exercise.  Not so much.  Some people will spend hours seeking a small trinket hidden at the bottom of a tree but
will not spend ten minutes seeking the treasures hidden in God’s word.  Theocaching is something perhaps we should ALL take on board. I wonder what treasures we could find if we took the time and

It an interesting thought really that the Bible says where your treasure is their your heart will be also…..Just a Thought…


  1. Great post, thanks for the reminder Donna. We spend so much time on perhaps insignificant things and so little time meditating on God’s word. Yet I know when I do spend the time I’m refreshed, or filled with joy or praise or something else. God has given us so many glorious things in His word if we would just take the time to look.

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