I have fallen in Love ….Again. ( No I’m not talking about Mike my friends LOL). With my Bible. I just LOVE some of the little things in it. Now I know the BIG stories are great as well. And the Great characters that teach us faith and perseverance and all that stuff. Really I do like Good-Morning-Sunshinethem. But often I find myself leaning towards the people in the Bible who are on the sidelines. You know those that are mentioned in passing. Or perhaps not so much in passing but they do something that is considered small and has no relevance. And quite often people just don’t seem to pick up on it.
For me just lately I have been thinking about Mary in the garden that morning when she was walking to the tomb. I have been reading John 20. Well I am often up in the mornings lately so I have begun over the last few years to really appreciate mornings; the stillness just seems to talk to my soul in a way that the rest of the day just doesn’t seem to do. So I can imagine that morning before the rest of the world had woken up, Mary walking alone…..And finding that tomb empty. She must have been confused and bewildered. At this point she ran off and told the other disciples, who ran to the tomb, found it empty and then basically went back to where they were staying. This left Mary alone again in the garden. She was crying, and that I can imagine too. Not so much Hollywood style tears I suppose. Her Lord was dead and now his body had been stolen. And she is asked a question by two angels…they ask her why she is crying…The story ends with Mary turning round and realizing that it is Jesus….She then uses a word that is not used anywhere else in the new testament she says RABBONI…And sunrisethat’s what strikes me, nowhere else is this word used. I can almost imagine her whispering it to him. It means ‘my great teacher’, ‘master’. And it is one of the most honorable titles she could give him. The heart which was broken sees the Lord that is Alive…RABBONI…I think
this is BEAUTIFUL. Scripture comes alive at moments like this; it is extraordinary to me that from her lips at a moment like this a word of honour and love was used. Our Bible is indeed such a treasure. We can study it for years and years and yet we still find treasures that lie within its pages, that’s why I keep falling in love with it over and over again